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Purpose & Mission

To glorify Jesus Christ and defeat the kingdom of darkness by bringing God's Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven through the formation and education of young hearts and minds.



Through a classical education in the Catholic tradition, students will:

Come to know God intimately across all academic disciplines, through participation in the sacraments and biblical studies. 

Cultivate virtue and a spirit of service. 

Create a community of discipleship which leads to the complete formation of every student, their pursuit of holiness, and their desire to boldly live out their Catholic faith in the world. 

Quis ut Deus?

Who is like God?

The challenge St. Michael posed to Lucifer is summarized in his words "quis ut deus?" St. Michael's battle cry - who is like God - summarizes our daily struggle and human rebellion. It challenges each of us to recognize our own humanity and identify Jesus Christ as the only true eternal image of the invisible God.


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