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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this school of the Catholic tradition?
    The Catholic faith is at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to glorify Jesus Christ through the formation and education of young hearts and minds. Our students will come to know God intimately across all academic disciplines, through participation in the sacraments and biblical studies. We loyally adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. All of our staff and board members swear an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium. We teach nothing that contradicts the Tradition and teachings of the Catholic Church. Our students grow in their love of God every day and are taught the Truth of the Catholic Faith. Inside and outside of the classroom they will cultivate virtue and a spirit of service. We seek to create a community of discipleship which leads to the complete formation of every student, their pursuit of holiness, and their desire to boldly live out their Catholic faith in the world. Our faith is not confined to a religion class. Here is a list of some of the ways our faith fills our culture: four times a week morning Mass at local parishes regular priestly presence on campus to lead prayers and offer confession learning about God in all academic subjects and that all of our studies are related to the study and love of God weekly virtue class for older students to learn how to live out the faith retreats and pilgrimages for students to grow in their faith and devotion
  • What extracurriculars are offered?
    We offer a range of clubs, sports, and social events. These will continue to grow as our school grows Clubs: Arts and crafts club Gardening club Student Council (7th +) Sports: Girl’s Volleyball Girl’s Basketball Coed Cross Country Coed Golf Social Events: Chili cook off Family dinners Household contests Family Sock Hop Annual Gala
  • What specials will students engage in (PE, music, drama, etc)?
    Students receive formation in their whole person at our school. Our foremost concern is their faith. We also recognize the importance of a well-rounded education. This means engaging in common academic subjects, but also engaging in a range of other subjects. All students will take courses in art, music, and physical education. All Upper School students will also engage in a yearly drama performance. Our school does not offer these as electives, but sees them as essential aspects of a student’s education.
  • What makes our high school different?
    When it comes to academic education, our goal is for students to attain wisdom. Our primary goals are not high test scores, college admission, or athletic achievement. However, because of our holistic approach to education, students will undoubtedly score higher on tests, be prepared for whatever vocation they are called to after high school, and will be competitive in athletic pursuits.We also require our students to enroll in a range of courses that form them in the arts and athletics. Many high schools make test scores or political correctness their goals. Our goal is to form students with a zeal for God, who are educated in a broad range of subjects, and who can go out into the world confident in their faith and be able to spread the Gospel.
  • How can I schedule a school tour for my family?
    Visiting our campus with your family is a wonderful way to experience our mission in action. The opportunity to visit classrooms, engage with students and staff, and seek clarity in your questions, is best achieved during a family tour. You are encouraged to call our school office (847) 792-0052, email us at or submit your inquiry online via our homepage.
  • Do you have a student cellphone policy?
    Yes, students are not permitted to possess or to make use of personal technology on campus or at official school events. Students are required to turn in their cellphones at the beginning of the school day and are able to retrieve them at the conclusion of the day.
  • After submitting my application for admission and engaging in a school tour, is my child automatically enrolled?
    Completing the application process online and engaging in a family tour is an important part of our admission process but does not guarantee enrollment. All applications are reviewed by the Headmaster in addition to engaging in a family interview process to ensure that Archangels Academy is the best fit for your family.
  • What subjects will my child study?
    Students study a range of subjects to broadly form their mind and soul. These subjects are intentionally integrated so that students do not learn in silos. This means that study of the faith is not confined to religion class, nor is the study of physics confined to science class. This holds true for all of our courses. Theology forms the backbone of our curriculum. Students study: The Catholic Faith History Literature Latin Math Science Philosophy (high school) Drama (high school) Music Fine Art Physical Education
  • What is typical day like at Archangels Academy?
    Students can expect every day to have a variety of learning opportunities and settings. Students will move throughout their day, encountering a mix of humanities, science, math, fine arts, and physical education courses. 4 days per week we begin with Mass at a local parish. On the day when we are not attending Mass, we pray together as a school. Upon arriving at campus, students engage in courses, with around a forty minute break in the middle of the day to engage in lunch and recess. They then return to classes in the afternoon. Our current start of the school day is 7:50 am (either at Mass or on campus) and dismissal is at 3:00 pm
  • Do you have transportation services available?
    Currently we are unable to provide bus transportation to transport students to and from their home locations. However, in partnership with Marengo School District, we are able to provide bus transportation at the conclusion of Mass to our school campus, four days a week, for those families that are interested.
  • Is there campus parking for 16 year old drivers?
    Yes, we currently have space in our parking lot for student drivers to park their vehicles.
  • What does the school calendar look like?
    Our school year typically starts about a week before Labor Day and ends about a week after Memorial Day. We have a 5-day break for Thanksgiving, a 2-week long Christmas break, and a week-long Spring break. We also have time off for Holy Days of Obligation and around the Easter holiday.
  • What grade levels do you offer?
    We are proud to offer an opportunity for students in grades PreK through 12th grade to attend Archangels. Currently, our PreK program is designed to support students, beginning at age 4.
  • How will we support students who have been homeschooled and are looking to make a transition?
    Moving from homeschool to day school is a big transition for students. We will support this in a number of ways. Our staff and administration place a great emphasis on understanding our students and meeting them where they are. We will work together with students to make sure that they are supported in adjusting to day school. We also have in place our house system, which creates a new home for students and their families. This will allow students and families to make new friends and integrate into the community more easily.
  • Are uniforms required for all students?
    Yes, all students are required to adhere to specific uniform policies and guidelines. Uniform requirements vary by grade level and are purchased through Highlands uniform company. Students in Upper School are required to wear our Physical Education uniform during PE class.
  • Do students have access to technology to support their studies?
    We desire for our students to seek information via our school library or other printed works and do not endorse the use of technology as our primary source of information. Access to the internet and other sources of technology are rarely used, extremely limited, and implemented with great discernment.
  • Do you offer tuition assistance?
    We believe that a classical education in the Catholic tradition should be affordable for all who desire. Financial assistance is available for those in need.
  • What is Classical Education?
    Classical education seeks to return to a model of education that values the pursuit of truth. It stresses using a question-based approach (Socratic Dialogue) to show students how to ask the right questions and provide answers that are in accord with the truth. It takes place in three stages. The grammar stage (K-6) places an emphasis on learning the basic facts of reality. The logic stage (7-9) teaches students to ask and answer why and how questions. The rhetoric stage (10-12) focuses on argumentation and expression of the truth. A classical education also stresses learning from the greatest minds of the past. Students read grade-level-appropriate literature, poetry, and history drawn from the rich treasury of Western Civilization.
  • What is Socratic Dialogue?
    Socratic Dialogue is named after its greatest practitioner, Socrates (Sock-rah-teez), an ancient Greek philosopher who always sought the truth. Instead of teachers telling students the right answer, teachers ask questions which lead students to the right answer. We teach students how to think so that they know why the truth is true. When students reason their own way to the answer, they incorporate it into their mind and enjoy their knowledge.
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