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Ms. Janine Laurenti

5th - 6th GRADE


Ms. Laurenti grew up in Palatine, IL. She attended Eastern Illinois University where she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Education.



“I love teaching because it is truly fulfilling work. Being part of children's formative years in their education, character development and faith, has rewards beyond monetary gain. I care so much for each student and their souls, that I love working with them, finding out each of their unique gifts, building them up, challenging them and celebrating their victories, and then sending them forward as confident and  loved sons and daughters of God making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.”


Ms. Laurenti enjoys teaching 5th and 6th grade because they are impressionable years where children are figuring out who they want to become for the rest of their lives. This age is a great time to help instill confidence, character development, a stronger faith and good decision making, while also igniting academic aspirations stemming from a love of reading, writing, and improved comprehension skills which will aid students in all their higher levels of learning.



Ms. Laurenti was drawn to Archangels and teaching at a classical school because of the alignment in her beliefs of teaching with the focus of what is true, good, and beautiful in an authentically catholic environment that is truly both calming and beautiful. It brings joy to her to teach a top notch curriculum focused on developing character, goodness, and intellect with the ultimate goal of attaining eternity in Heaven. The environment at Archangels is positive and joyful from the staff, founders, board, and administration which allows her to put her time and energy into teaching her students.

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