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The Archangels Academy Story

Our story really begins with the countless number of independent classical Catholic schools that are growing and expanding, year by year, in many dioceses all across the United States. Whether it's St. Monica Academy in Los Angeles, CA (founded in 2001), St. John Vianney Academy in Bakersfield, CA (founded in 2017), or St. John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Denver, CO (opening in Fall 2022), independent classical Catholic schools have become common in dioceses all across America. 

Our story begins with the thousands of Catholic parents who find great value in the classical model, believe it to be a great partnership with an authentic Catholic education, and have courageously stepped forward to use their time, skills, and resources to build a strong future for their children and grandchildren. Their sacrifices, their vision, their faith: that's where the story of Archangels Academy begins. 

Our particular story, told from within that much larger narrative, begins with the gratitude felt by Christopher Plance, one of Archangels Academy's (AA) co-founders, for the opportunity that his children have to attend one of these great academies. As a theology teacher at a classical Catholic school himself, Mr. Plance values this model of education and is inspired to help provide this same opportunity for interested families in the area in and around Huntley, IL. 

Mr. Plance has been part of several start-up classical Catholic schools over the years, and is the co-founder of Catholic Polytechnic University in Los Angeles, CA. He launched AA on his own initiative earlier this Winter (December 2021) when he sent an email to parents, family members, and friends about an information night he was hosting to share with them his vision for AA and what it would take to launch such a school. 


Over twenty-five parents showed up and heard Mr. Plance make his pitch. Since then, a board of directors has been formed to include: Steve Baynai, Kristin Flesher, Dave Schultz and Christopher Plance. Archangels has incorporated with the state of Illinois, and parents have begun volunteering on several task forces as AA prepares to launch in the Fall of 2022 as an independent classical school in the Catholic tradition. 

Information nights are regularly hosted for parents to show up, ask questions, and stay informed. Everyone is welcome to come and be part of this beautiful story by participating in these monthly gatherings. Please feel free to contact us to get involved or to attend one of our informational meetings! 

Our Story: About Us
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